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The Importance of Diesel Gensets in Large Commercial Buildings

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Power outages are common, especially in regions with an unstable power grid. For large commercial buildings, frequent power outages can cause significant economic damage to businesses. These outages disrupt operations, resulting in lost productivity and revenue loss. Hence having a reliable and alternative source of power is always prudent. This is where diesel gensets come in. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of diesel gensets in commercial buildings, their impact on business continuity, and what to consider while choosing the right diesel genset for commercial use.

Impact of Power Outages on Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings such as malls, hospitals, data centers, and industries have high energy demands. They require an uninterrupted power supply to run their critical systems and ensure smooth operations. However, power outages can cause significant damage to these businesses, resulting in loss of data, equipment damage, and even patient fatalities. For instance, a hospital without power can lead to life-threatening situations for patients on ventilators, critical surgeries, and other medical procedures. Similarly, data centres require continuous power to ensure their servers’ and critical data’s integrity and availability.

Importance of Diesel Gensets

Diesel gensets provide an excellent solution to the problem of power outages. These generators are designed to supply power to buildings during blackouts or insufficient grid supply. The gensets run on diesel, readily available and more accessible to store than other fuel types. Diesel gensets are also relatively easy to install and maintain, making them popular among commercial building owners.

Diesel gensets have many advantages over other types of generators. They provide reliable power backup for extended periods, making them ideal for large commercial buildings with high power demands. They are also cost-effective compared to other fuel types, such as natural gas or propane. Diesel gensets are also highly efficient, making them ideal for large commercial buildings. They consume less fuel, emit fewer pollutants, and have a longer lifespan than other types of generators.

Things to Consider

Several factors need to be considered when choosing a diesel generator for commercial use. These factors include power requirements, duration, placement, and maintenance schedule.

Power requirements: Commercial buildings have varying power demands depending on their size, operations, and equipment. Therefore, it’s essential to determine the power requirements before selecting the genset’s size and capacity.

Duration : The duration of power outages varies, and so does the genset’s fuel capacity. Selecting a genset with enough fuel capacity to run for the desired duration is crucial. This will ensure an uninterrupted power supply until the grid supply is restored.

Placement : The genset’s placement is critical in ensuring its efficiency and safety. Ensuring the genset is installed in a well-ventilated area with enough clearance to prevent overheating or fire hazards is essential.

Maintenance schedule : Like any other equipment, diesel gensets require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. A maintenance schedule should be developed and followed to prevent breakdowns and ensure the genset’s longevity.


Diesel gensets have become an intrinsic part of commercial buildings. They provide reliable power backup during power outages, ensuring business continuity and preventing revenue loss. However, choosing a suitable genset with reliable engines is essential to avoid future mishaps. Baudouin India’s commercial generators are a perfect solution for commercial building owners looking for a reliable and cost-effective power backup system. 

The company has been India’s leading gensets manufacturer for the last 100 years. Baudouin’s generators are designed to provide reliable power backup for commercial buildings with high energy demands. With their European technology, excellent TOC, and globally trusted brand name, Baudouin India is the perfect partner for businesses looking for reliable and efficient power backup solutions.

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